Bros Power, which started its activities in the United Kingdom and moved to Turkey in 2008, continues its operations in the field of energy oriented investments as well as engineering, supply and construction.
Since its establishment, Bros power continued to exhibit a steady growth both in Turkey and in other countries it operates; and it has taken its place among the preferred companies with rich energy reserves.
The company continues its activities;
In the field of 'Petroleum and Gas', the company invests on pipelines, exploration and production and site services;
In the field of 'Energy Plants' the company conducts engineering of hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, electricity trade and electricity distribution.
In the field of real estate investments in the region.

Our Goal
Add maximal value to the country's economy as a group of companies which continues its works based on exchange of knowledge and cooperation with local and international companies on the basis of its reliability, corporate operation, environmentally sensitive production technology, and contributions to cultural, social and economic life.
Bros Power works hard to be a pioneer, strong and differentiated energy company which adds value to its region of work.

Our principles
Give priority to quality in design, production, construction, installation and business management by working with specialized and experienced human resources in their fields and complete our projects with the desired quality and according to the foreseen schedules.

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